Animal Extinction

In the beginning, animals were in very little danger from humans, but now, as endangered species are nearing extinction, it is quite conspicuous what the cause was, for as a growing population of people strive to make animal territory their own by cutting down forest and using the land, many animals can no longer find a place to flee to from their destroyed home. The many humans who are insistently working on making animal sanctuaries and saving the many species near extinction have not succeeded in preventing the loss of the Passenger pigeon and many other animals. What remains of the tiger species is being hunted day and night for their precious, uniquely striped coat, and if nothing happens soon enough, the tigers are likely to disappear off the face of the globe, not unlike how the Tasmanian Thylacine did, the last of whom died in a zoo on the 7th of September 1936 in the Hobart Zoo. This amazing creature, who had jaws so flexible that a small kangaroo was likely to be swallowed by the Thylacine, has been hunted and captured so frequently that the Thylacine specie’s population soon died down to nothing. What might happen to the tigers and golden-crowned flying foxes and great white sharks may be a similar disaster.

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