How Dogs Save Humans

I think that the largest quantity of animals that have been known to save their owners are dogs, for this species of animal, whenever seeking trust in their owners and finding what pleases them in a very skillful way, become devoted to their owners and grow fond of them. After being generously cared for in a way that will lead a happy life for a dog, these social creatures develop a quantity of trust and obedience to their owners, resulting in plenty of courageous rescues that sometimes even become common in wars and other such disastrous events if the owners were thoughtful of their dogs. There have been many stories of these types of rescues, many of them true, also.

Another thing is how some dogs, such as the St. Bernard, have been trained to save humans, this also developed through obedience to their owners. However, it is more amazing an event when the dog itself rescues his owner through his own will instead of through practice operated by another.

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