Falconry through the Ages

Falconry, as well as a sport, was a way of getting meat easier through training a falcon or eagle by casting it off one’s wrist at any prey nearby. this source of entertainment and hunting began long ago in medieval times and extended to modern days with the same result of enjoyment and satisfaction.

Also, the way of using gyrfalcons, peregrines, golden eagles and such as gifts to show respect was commonly valued, and those falconers back then were sometimes especially keen to make use of their falcons and always eager to train and show off the splendor of these birds.

Once, the king of Scotland sent King Edward lll a peregrine as a gift, and this present, in addition to many other similar exchanges, were precious and had to go over many miles to be delivered. Kings in history were also known to have 200 falconers and perhaps at least 300 hundred falcons trained and even included in an army.

Falcons already have an instinct for hunting, and in order to do so they must stoop and attack their prey, carrying it away in their talons, as they are trained to do in falconry. Perhaps the harder part was learning to bring it back to their owner. However, all this was doubtless rewarded with an appetizing prize for the falcon in return for their catch, which better teaches them.

As falconry is a special thing, it is good to know that this sport as well as a way to hunt is still being operated since the time it began long ago.

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