The Study of Bats

Bats are the only kind of flying mammals, and use something called echolocation (or echo-vision) to travel, as their eye vision is relatively poor. Echolocation consists of the bat uttering shrill noises that either rebound from solid objects or, if there is only empty space before it, have no affect. In this way, bats are able to hunt and safely find their way.

There are perhaps 1,200 species of bats currently, and most commonly insect-eating bats. The fear of vampire bats, Desmodontinae, who feed on blood (hence their name), have led to most people believing bats to be very dangerous. However, most bats’ wingspans are only 7. 6-10 in. or 12-1 in. in length.

Bats are found in nearly every available habitat to live in, besides the Arctic, Antarctica and various islands.

Many bats have been dying from a white fungus disease called white nose syndrome. Whole species of bats were completely destroyed because of white nose syndrome.


11 comments on “The Study of Bats

  1. de Wets Wild says:

    They’re such interesting creatures, such a pity that they have such a bad reputation.

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  2. That’s interesting.

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  3. veg4life says:

    Love your site! Nicely created and professional appearance. I’m following you so I’ll be looking forward to more of your intriguing posts. Thank you for caring! 😄


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