Study of Jackals

Jackals are omnivorous animals of the genus canis, with features similar to that of the coyote (canis latran) but much smaller in size.

There are three species of jackal, the Black-backed jackal and Side-striped jackal, both native to Sub-Saharan Africa, and the Golden jackal from South-central Eurasia. Jackals are known to be crepuscular (meaning they are primarily active at twilight, the periods of dawn and dusk), and are capable of maintaining speeds that go up to 9. 9 mph for extended periods of  time.

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All species of jackal are varyingly related to various breeds of wolf, coyote, African wild dog, dhole and domesticated dogs.

Their curved canine teeth are adapted to hunting primarily small species of mammal, bird and reptile.

Jackals’ most common groups are monogamous pairs and not commonly the average amount of citizens in other packs, such as those of wolves (canis lupus).

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