The Study of Quolls

Quolls are carnivorous and primarily nocturnal marsupials native to mainland Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. Two other species are known from the remains of fossils in Queensland. Quolls have evolved around 15 million years ago and are largely solitary, coming together for quite few social interactions with each other.

Image result for illustrations of quolls

Eastern Quoll illustration. 

All species of quoll include the Bronze, Western, New Guinean, Eastern, Tiger, and Northern Quolls, and all are related to Phascogale (wambenger), Sminthopsis (dunnart), Myrmecobius (numbat), and Thylacine (thylacine).

Image result for illustrations of quolls

Bronze Quoll illustration.

Quolls are primarily carnivorous, and Cane toads have proved a significant threat to Northern quolls, who may die after consuming these poisonous amphibians since they were introduced to Queensland in 1935.


5 comments on “The Study of Quolls

  1. I’d never heard of quolls, what unusual, endearing animals!

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  2. anne leueen says:

    Very interesting. I had not heard of Quolls before. However I have encountered cane toads in Australia. I believe they are the same as toads they call Buffa toads in Florida. They are poisonous to dogs as well if they bite them. My encounter with a cane toad was when I went into a washroom in a camping ground and there was one gleeking at me from the toilet bowl. ( gleeking is a word I have made up for people or animals who are sort of smiling an evil smile but are not necessarily evil themselves.)

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