Animal Anatomy 2 (continued)

The skeletal anatomy of many types of animals are useful to study, as perhaps knowing what types of flexibility and bones they posses is liable for knowing what they are capable of being used for.

The anatomy of cats and dogs shows that they are flexible enough to twist sideways, whereas horses are not quite as capable of maintaining such feats. The anatomy of different species of mammal, reptile, amphibian, fish, bird and insect all show that, as they are all positioned with difference and posses different bones in different places, whether or not convenient, they lack and posses certain capabilities.

Image result for vintage drawing of horse anatomy

Related image

These vintage animal drawings depict the anatomy of both horses and dogs

Because animals posses certain abilities to enable them to adapt to their surroundings, they are capable of a good many things that are seen through the study of animal anatomy. For sea life, they are provided with fins and flippers and the muscles and bones that propel them and enable them to move properly with working joints. For land animals and for birds, the muscles and bones that work wings and other various parts of the body must work in the exactly proper way, or else any small mistake among the joints and bones could make it impossible to work limbs even enough to somehow make use of them.

Related image

The anatomy of birds, horses, oxen, fish and dolphins 


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    Handy if you are an anthropologist, or in vetinary science as well. (Is it anthropology?).

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